Welcome to Home Style Survival


My intention is to bring all types of resources together to help you meet your prepping and survival goals whatever they might be. We plan to meet these challenges but we hope we never have the need for them. The worst thing that can happen if we prep is that the resources we put together now can be used at any time. Most of us are prepping for some type of calamitous event. We want to be able to take care of our families and feed ourselves in any situation such as being laid off from our job or a weather event like Katrina, a tornado or even the collapse of the government or monetary system. Most people do not have unlimited funds to accomplish these goals. Because the task seems insurmountable a lot of people never start. The thing is, everyone can prep even on the lowest of budgets, starting with supplies you probably already have on hand. If you can add 1 or two items a week to your supply you will soon have a stock pile that can help take your family through and past any immediate crisis and some extended disasters. Some bottled water An extra bag of noodles, a can of soup, a bottle of iodine, alcohol, bandages in the closet, basement or spare room can make the difference on whether you or your family will be able to survive till help arrives, or you have to move on.