A long and lonely road

For the folks that already know, and the folks that don’t know, I have spent the last 19 years taking care of my elderly mother. As one would guess it started out with once or twice a week visit two years before my Dad passed away to take care of things around the house, car and yard that dad could no longer do. So as time went on it ended up being a full time 24-7 commitment of which took an enormous toll on me. At first it was fairly easy to manage my business and do the things I needed to do for Mom, I mean who wouldn’t do that for their mom? (Other family members wouldn’t do that! as I found out). Unfortunately as time progressed it became more and more difficult to take care of my business, tend to her needs and get everything else done that needed done in a day. This brought a whole new meaning to “long days and short nights” let me tell you!

As you would suppose she progressively got worse over the month’s and years, with a diagnosis of dementia in mid 2014 I knew there would be a point in time where I could do no more, I wasn’t sure how long we had at this point. I found out soon enough as we were now into 2018 – four years after the diagnosis and things had once again taken a turn for the worse, (keep in mind we were 18 years in at this point), The so called “in home care” provided by insurance was a useless mess and a complete waste of time, in fact the folks that did show up, did nothing more than what I had already been doing for years! So much for that! To make a long story shorter, in August of 2018, I made the decision she would stay at home till her 90th birthday, which was coming up in October of 2018. Then it would be time to take her to the nursing home.

A few weeks after her birthday I had the sad task of taking her to the nursing home after all the arrangements had been made. This was a very hard day for both of us, at this time she was still sound enough to understand what was taking place, after I pulled into the parking lot of the home and got her out she first ask where we were then before I could answer she told me we were at the old folks home. (Talk about having your heart ripped out and gutter stomped!)

Jump forward 6 months I finally had all her belongings removed from the house where she lived and started the updating work on it so I could sell it and be rid of that headache. By the time that was done and it actually sold it was already mid August of 2019. So my full time responsibility finally came to an end.

Over the years of being her caretaker, I had a heart attack, a mini stroke, developed diabetes gained a hernia and my gallbladder has gone south on me as well. So I decided to take a long awaited and very needed respite before moving forward.

2020 – I’m back in operation full time now, hopefully there will be a lot more updates on this website and hopefully my business will thrive once again, I’m sure it’s going to take some time yet to get back up to full speed but at least I’m on the way.

There is a lot more to this story but that can wait for another time.

Thanks for reading, and Thanks for visiting this website.

Till next time.
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