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Currently looking for:

Article writers.
Content writers.
DIY project writers.
Honest link traders.
Affiliate Program Owners.

Article and Content Writers:

You don’t have to be a pro at writing or be a creative journalist or an English major. I’m looking for regular everyday people that have a little extra time to write articles about what they are working on, any of the following will work. Homesteading, Prepping, Survival, Self-Reliance Greenhouses, Aquaponics and what ever else is going on at your place. Before you ask, No it does NOT have to be a fancy project, everyday people stuff is what I’m looking for, cool diy stuff is always of great interest to learn how someone else accomplished a task to get something they needed. If by chance it happens to be a fancy project then that’s okay but certainly not required.

You don’t need to have your own website or blog, but if you do that’s great! perhaps we can do some horse trading or at least link trading.
All that’s required is you need to be willing to write article(s) on your experiences, to-do list, diy or what ever with Homesteading, Prepping, Survival, self-reliance and all things that go with them. You don’t have to agree to do more that you want either, if it’s just one article or 100 articles it’s all good.

Link traders:

If you would like your link on this website back to your website or blog then you must put a link on your website or blog back to this website and keep it there.
If you are a youtuber or video creator and would like to have links to your videos, then you need to mention Home Style Survival somewhere in the video. Videos must be related to Homesteading, Survival, Prepping, Self-Reliance.

Affiliate Program Owners:

If you are an affiliate program owner with products or services that apply to homesteading, prepping, survival and self-reliance, I’m interested in hearing from you.

Use the Contact Us from the menu if you are interested.

In the select dropdown menu choose the one that’s closest to your writing interests.
Be sure to include some details on what you want to write about in the message section of the contact form.
You can write or have video on more than one subject if that’s what you do, we just need some place to start.

Note: For the most part this will likely best suit people that don’t already have a blog or a website and are tired of posting to places like fb groups, twitter and other such places, that basically have more trolls than people that are actually interested in what someone is doing on their homestead or in their preps. DIY projects are always interesting along with experiences because not all of us have the same experience or outcome as others.
At this time all submissions are non paid submissions, sadly there is no budget for that on a free information website.