Bug Out Bags / Backpacks
Personally I think having a bug out bag is an excellent idea and I certainly have one ready to go at a moments notice myself, I also think they are subjective, I really don’t think there is a one size fits all when it comes to bug out bags. I think if someone is not sure if a certain item or items will work for them I would encourage you to write that item down, then think about any and all possibilities that you could or might need to use those items for, if after a while you are still drawing a blank then put it on your maybe list and move on to other items but do come back to it and rethink it at another time, perhaps something will click and you’ll think of what that item would be useful for.

It’s better to have it and not need it then it is to need it and not have it!

The videos below from sensible prepper have some excellent ideas and gear choices, but you are the one that must decide what will or won’t work for you and your bob budget.

The Rule of 3’s From Sensible Prepper
3 Seconds Without Hope
3 Minutes Without Air
3 Hours Without Shelter (In adverse conditions)
3 Days Without Water
3 Weeks Without Food

Bug Out Bag Set up
Sensible Prepper   YouTube Page

DIY Walmart Premium Bug Out Bag – An inexpensive way of building up.

Folks do keep in mind that most people just starting out do not start out with the latest greatest gear, even those that have been doing this for a while to many years still find themselves rethinking everything! Making changes and adjustments to their own gear, so don’t get all fuzzy if you don’t have some of the same gear as others do, just keep going… you’ll get there soon enough.