Boats For Prepping


A lot of people don’t really consider having a boat, a good prep or survival item but they really can be. Now I’m not telling you to go out and buy the latest greatest $50k bass boat down at your local marina, I just want you to think of all the possibilities you could do with a boat. You could have any style boat from a canoe, kayak, Jon boat, v bottom fishing boat or what ever you can get your hands on for a reasonable price. Obviously you want to give which ever style you choose or find a good going over before you give away your cash for it, you need to be sure there’s no serious damage to it. some things can be repaired but try to find one that needs very little in the way of repair, a good cleaning is not a big deal and easy to do.
There is a lot of things a boat could come in handy for in case of a bug out situation or a bug in situation or just simply being able to get into the back waters where the good fish live. Obviously in a bug out situation you will need to be able to carry your boat in a truck or on a trailer or if it’s small enough on top of your suv or what ever style car you have.

A good fishing boat can be used for other things besides fishing, you can carry things like your gear, firewood, get people to safety in a flood situation, you could get down river and avoid huge traffic in dire straights, if you have one with an outboard motor you could get up river just as easy. of course you can also use it just for fishing in the rivers, farm ponds that are to big to cast from one side to the other, up in the coves or channels of any size lake thats around you or what ever there is around you when you get where your going, anywhere a boat would come in handy at times.
I would suggest aluminum boats for the fishing boat style they are usually pretty reasonable and most times the owner throws in extra stuff just to be rid of it, for canoes and kayaks just about any would work, be it aluminum or fiberglass or a composite build. Along with adding to your preps this will also add to your survival gear, so if you have a bug out location and there’s water around then you might seriously think about a boat, if you plan to bug in which is, I think the preferred situation in most cases so you should already know about all the ponds, rivers, lakes and watersheds around your location.