Bug Out


My friends, I know there’s some folks out there that think okay if shtf or a wrol happens I’m headed to the mountains! Umm yeah you might want to rethink that bit of planning! You do realize that other people own that mountain range right? as in people that believe in protecting their property via shoot first ask for names later! not to mention state owned and operated portions of said mountains… Besides those facts you’ve probably only seen the mountains on the TV or online so yeah you don’t have a clue what to do. Even if you have been to the mountains for a vacation, snow skiing or hunting and fishing, that is NOT living in the mountains out of a back pack much less living there in all 4 seasons! Now of course if you have already bought a place in the mountains or have contracted such a place then by all means knock yourself out, You still have to get there and when everything is shut down between you and that location it’s going to be a rough trip, and to top all that off you’ll be up against the jackass crew which comes in the form of people that didn’t do a single prep so they’ll be wanting to take yours, so it’s going to be rough going for sure and I have a feeling you’re not going to be bragging about how easy it was for quite some time to come, that’s to say, if you actually make it to where your going.

I’ve heard this next thing so many times I just laugh when ever I hear it now!
“The military guys and girls go all over the world with just their back pack”

Uh no they don’t! For every one of our young brothers and sisters on the front there are 4 – 5 people at the back of the line backing them up! Making sure they are getting their provisions and supplies! and much more.

I know you were thinking the military spent truck loads of money and time training our military just so they could drop them off with a nice back pack, a little gear and say off ya go now, see you next time! Lucky for them it don’t work like that.

No matter if you are alone or with your family or with your network or group you will not have any kind of support system like it period, even if you have a good solid network or group of other preppers and survivalist going with you or giving you some kind of support to get you to them.

So now your thinking okay then why even bother with a bug out bag if it’s going to be so rough?
The time may come when you have no other option, fire, ordered to go away by government or law officials, hateful weather or any number of reasons you may be forced out and have to go, then you grab your gear and hit the bricks. Keeping in mind that the bug out bag or “bob” is that one thing that may save your life along with your family or friend(s), With any luck at all you’ll be returning to your home in 3 days or less. However if it’s impossible to return home then at least you have some food, tools and clothing to get by on for a short period of time. This is one more reason to have a good solid bug out plan, and a good solid back up bug out plan.

The fact is when a real situation happens a good majority of folks are going to be in serious sad shape! The majority of folks cannot ruck up and move out! So if you are planning a back pack escape you would be wise to get healthy and fit enough so you can actually pull it off!