While smoking meat in either a cold smoke house or on a typical offset barrel type smoker, electric smoker or perhaps an old wine or whisky barrel smoker, they are all excellent ways of preparing meat for long term storage. One thing you need to consider before either buying a smoker or building a smoker is how much meat you will actually smoke at one time, if you plan on smoking a lot of meat all the time you’ll need a bigger smoker then if you only use it occasionally. You will need to figure out what kind of meats you’ll be smoking as well. If you plan on hanging sides of pork or beef or deer then of course you will need something big enough to accommodate. You can get as elaborate or as minimal as you want. Here’s some build ideas.

Smoke Houses

Deep South Homestead   YouTube Page

Ana White    YouTube Channel

Tim Farmer   YouTube Page

The smoke house below is pretty good size and most of us probably don’t need anything this big, but you just never know.