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Your donations help keep Home Style Survival working to bring you updated and relevant information, Free E-Books, articles and videos on Homesteading, Prepping, Survival and so much more. We need your help to keep the […]

Could China Covertly Invade?

Could China Covertly Invade the USA and Other Countries Greg Allison talks about the possibility of China Covertly Invading the USA and Other Countries. Green Gregs YouTube Channel

No Right To Refuse

Get a load of this! Alan Dershowitz thinks (says) we have no constitutional right to refuse their poison. No Doctor, Nurse, Government or employee there of has the right to invade my body with anything […]

On The Brink?

What do you think, are we on the brink of WW III? Green GregsYouTube Channel

News For Amateur Radio

Additional news for amateur radio in the comms dropdown menu. Added a couple of new, news feeds. Amateur Radio News

Coronavirus Updates

Updates On Coronavirus – click the images to go to each of the following websites for updated information. Johns Hopkins University: interactive map click the first image, the second image is an ongoing live update. […]

Update on A Long Lonely Road

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to post this at this time. Mother passed away on Monday March 16, 2020 Rest In Peace Mom! 1929 – 2020 03-25-2020 I was extremely sad that […]

C.D.C – Centers For Disease Control

Folks I was almost sure I’d never have to make a post such as this but here we are! Please take a moment and watch these videos about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) I know it’s all […]

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