Container Gardening

Yep it’s that time again, time to prep the garden(s) for spring planting.
Now we just have to decide how and where we’re going to create that garden, some of you may not have a lot of room or you may not own the property your living on, that’s easy enough to fix with container gardening. You may be thinking there’s no way you can grow enough food in containers, but the fact is… yes you can, now you wont be able to grow just any ol thing in containers, like trying to grow corn in containers probably wouldn’t work out to well, neither would spuds, but there’s plenty of other things yo can grow.
Here’s a few things I know for a fact that will grow in containers and do quite well, I know this from personal experience here at my homestead.
Tomatoes (all kinds)
Green beans (bush style worked best for me) but you could try pole style if you have some kind of trellis
Strawberries (easy enough but, don’t forget your bird netting)
Peppers (all kinds)
Onions (yep even onions, then again onions grow just about any place)
Herbs (all kinds)
There’s a lot more you could experiment with as well.
Now remember the thing a lot of folks seem to miss is the fact that not everything will work for everyone, You should know and understand what grows best in your area and your planting zone before you go out and buy plants or start your seeds, of course you can adjust any thing as necessary for your area, even if you have a green house and want to get started early, be mindful of your planting zone anyway, if you start to early your plants will probably get leggy and wont be much good.
We also need to keep in mind that not everything everyone else is doing or trying will work for you, so don’t panic if things seem like they are not working out to well, make adjustments to what your doing, if you cant figure it out on your own then call your county extension office or a college around your area, they should have some idea of the direction you might try for your area.

Below is a video from Deep South Homestead and how they are doing some Green Beans.

Container Grown Green Beans Part 1

Guess What Is Growing At DSH

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