The every day carry or commonly called The “EDC”
For me the edc is a subjective matter, I think it depends on several factors.
I’ve seen some edc’s that have everything but the kitchen sink! Personally I think this is major overkill and a waste of time, money and effort.

Guy’s switch off your gear head mode and be sensible about your edc gear as well as with all your other preps and gear, you don’t need 5 flashlights, 5 knives, 5 hand guns, 2 – .50 cal ammo cans stuffed to the brim with ammo, 500 feet of 550 cord, 10 lighters, 15 ways of making fire, 12 – 100 hour emergency candles, 10 ways to recharge your cell phone and 20 gallons of fresh water behind the seat of your truck just to go to the grocery store! …be sensible! More articles to come.

Before you get started you should also make a note that there is more then one version of edc.
There’s a personal edc – what you carry on your person.
There’s a vehicle edc – what you keep in your car or truck.
There’s a medical edc – anything from a simple IFAK medical kit to a full on trauma medical kit.
Watch the videos below and other videos you can find for ideas on how you might want to create or renovate your edc’s.

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