All of the E-books are free to view and/or download, I found them all for free online so I am sharing them with you.
They are free! No nonsense, No tricking you into buying anything, No signing up for a news letter before you can get to them!
With that being said some of them are a bit dated but I think you can still find good information in each one of them. I would also like to point out that not everything will work for you and what ever situation you find yourself in, be it natural or a man made disaster or what ever, I encourage each and every one of you to Do Your Research and Homework for what will work for you and/or your family and your location.

Home Style Survival makes no claim to any rights to or ownership of these E-books nor does Home Style Survival guarantee or warrant any validity of any of the E-books. Home Style Survival is providing these E-books unaltered and as is for your entertainment and education. The use of any information contained in any of the E-books is at your own risk.
Note: You will need adobe reader to see these e-books.


Animals For Food Building Plans For Poultrymen
The Practical Poultry Keeper 1904 Dangerous Animals
Farm Buildings Furriers Friend Tanning Hides
Geyelins Poultry Breeding Handbook On Cutting Lamb
Healing Pets With Alternative Medicine Homemade Traps And Snares
How To Clean A Fish Plans For A Complete Bee Keeping System
Poultry Appliances And Handicraft Practical Farm Buildings
The Care Of Livestock Preparing Your Pets
Raising Rabbits Skinning And Dressing Rabbits
Tanning Deer Hides And Small Fur Skins

Bushcraft and Wilderness:

Australian Bushcraft Ultimate Guide To Wilderness Living
Boys Book Of Hunting And Fishing American Boys Book Of Camp Lore And Woodcraft
Blacksmithing Bushcraft Canadian Scout Manual
Bushcraft Leather Work Bushcraft Scouting Woodlore Notes
Camp Life In The Woods Furriers Friend Tanning Hides
Knife Sharpening Ten Bushcraft Books Richard Graves
The Complete Outdoorsmans Handbook The Making Of Leather By Procter
Wilderness_Survival_Techniques_and_Tips Woodsman Ship

Communications – Comms:

Bass Pro Shop Radio Guide Best Buy FRS Radio Guide
Disaster Communications Hams To The Rescue
How To Buy A Two Way Radio Radio_Amateurs_Handbook
Radio Info Radio Monitoring Guide
Reconnecting After Disaster Shortwave Radio 101
Shortwave Radio Handbook Survival_Communications_Primer
Survival Communication 101 Thoughts On Disaster Communications

Cook Books:

Backcountry Cookbook Belgian Cook Book
Beverage Plants Cloud City Cookbook
Dutch Oven Cookbook Edible And Medicinal Plants
Flood Preparation Genesee Valley Cookbook
How To Render Animal Fat Indian Food Recipes
Jerky Recipes Jerky
Joy Of Canning Kenton Cookbook
Modern Women Of America Cookbook Most For Your Money
Native American Health Recipes Native Berry Recipes
Pleasantville Cook Book Preparing And Canning Fermented Food And Pickled Vegetables
Preserving Game Meats Preserving Food Drying Fruits And Vegetables
Riverside Recipe Book Second Parish Cookbook
SmallScale Food Drying Technologies The-Baby-Food
The Jerky Chef Vegetarian Cook Book
Westminster Cook Book

Cooking Methods:

Alternate Cooking Methods Base Camp Trail Stove
Bush Fungus Stove Cook Stove Construction
Double Drum Sawdust Stove Dutch Ovens
Emergency Bread Expedient Cooking
Fireless Cooker Food Bucket Stove
Plumbers Stove Rocket Stove
Sawdust Burning Space Heater Stove Solar Dehydrator
Thermos Bottle Cooking

Edible and Medicinal Plants:

Edible and Medicinal Plants Edible Wild Plants
Field Guide To Guide To Edible Wild Plants Herbal-Medicines
How To Make Herbal Preparations Medicinal Plants Vol-1
Medicinal Plants Vol-2 Medicinal Plants Vol-3
Medicinal Plants Vol-4 Plants Of the US and Canada
Survival Medicine Complete Handbook of Nature Cures
Edible Medicinal Plants


Fighting Fire Fire By Can
Fire Safety Flint Steel And Battery
Flintknapping Making Charcoal
Prepared For Fire Tinder Fungus
Water Proof Matches

First Aid:

Animal Bites First Aid Anticancer Therapeutics
Base Camp Hygiene And Health Bee Stings
Bird Flu Diagnosis And Personal Hygiene Blister First Aid
Burn First Aid Cholera
Community Mitigation CPR Instructions
Diabetes Disaster Guidelines Ditch-Medicine-Advanced-Field-Procedures-For-Emergencies-1993
Edible And Medicinal Plants Emergency Childbirth
Face Masks First Aid And Management Of Minor Injuries
First Aid For Soldiers First Aid And Beyond Part 1
First Aid And Cpr Manual Flu Home Treatment
Full First Aid Manual FM-2111 Herbal PDR Small
Home Remedies Home Treatment Of Influenza
Injurious Plants Isolation Planning
Making Soap Management Of Asthma
Mass Casualty Planning And Burial Medical Emergencies
Medical NBC Battlebook Medical Survival Wound Closure Manual
Medicinal Plants in Folk Tradition 2004 NATO Emergency War Surgery
Pantry Pests Pet First Aid
Preparing_For_Disaster_for_People_With_Disabilities Sanitation
Survival Medicine Survival Wilderness Medicine Course
The East West Rescue First Aid Manual
Using Safe Burial Practices War Medicine
Where There Is No Dentist Where There Is No Doctor
Who Monographs On Selected Medicinal Plants-Vol-3 Who Monographs On Selected Medicinal Plants Volume-4
Wilderness Med Kit

Food and Storage:

Canning Preserving And Pickling Canning Meat Wild Game Poultry Fish Safely
Canning Principles Canning Processing Charts
Common Edible Mushrooms Canning_Preserving_and_Jelly_Making
Guide-to-Home-Canning-Nutrition Crisis Cooling
Crow Indian Recipes Herbal Medicines Culinary Herbs Their Cultivation, Harvesting
Dehydrating Food Dictionary Of Food
Dry It You’ll Like It Drying Fruits And Vegetables
Edible Wild Plants Emergency Food And Water
Emergency Food For Babies Emergency Preparedness Food
Essential Nutrient Sources Every Step In Canning
Family Food Storage Food Shock
Food Storage And Rodents Food Storage For 1 Year
Food Storage For Survival Food Storage Guide
Food Storage In The Home Food For Fifty
Food In Medieval Times Food Storage Cooking School
Food Storage For Survival Food Storage Recipes
Freezer Bag Meals Get Ready Now
Grain Dehuller Grain Thresher
Grains And Legumes Growing And Harvesting Wheat By Hand
Hand Operated Winnower Herbal Manual
Home Dried Food How To Build A Solar Crop Dryer
How To Dry Fruits And Vegetables How To Make A Solar Cabinet Dryer
How To Salt Fish How To Build A Solar Food Dryer
Improvised Grain Mill Keeping Food Safe To Eat
Making an Oil Press Mylar Bag Sealing Methods
One Year Emergency Food For One Adult Peddle Operated Grain Mill
Plant Identification Preserving Vegetables
Pumpkin Cultivation And Post Harvest Handling Shelf Life Of Food Storage
Solar Food Drying
Stocking Food Stocking For Small Spaces And Budgets
Storage Of Wheat Supermarket Survival
Survival Food Storage Survival The Seven Major Mistakes In Food Storage
TACDA Emergency Food Water The New Complete Book Of Food
USDA Utah Can Guide 05 Useful Wild Plants Of The United-States And Canada
Vacuum Packing Seed


A Better Way To Gardening Amateur Garden
Backyard Greenhouse Building A Floating Hydroponic Garden
Cash Garden Clemson Planning A Garden
Container Gardening 1 Container Gardening 2

Cultivating Vegetables
Drip Irrigation For Home Gardens Fertilizers How To Make Them
Garden Farming Gardening Basics For Dummies
Getting Along With Your Garden Growing Container Vegetables
Growing Mini Gardens UnivofAlaska Growing Sweet Corn In Home Garden
Growing Vegetables At Home Growing Vegetables Basics
Growing Vegetables In Containers Growing Vegetables Organically
Growing Voluptuous Vegetables Presentations Home Vegetable Gardening UGA
How To Make Fertilizer Intro To Drip Irrigation
Keeping Food Safe During An Emergency NC State Growing Vegetables
NC State Home Vegetable Gardening Organic Gardening
Planning Your Garden Planting A Home Vegetable Garden
Raised Bed Gardening OK State Raised Beds
Short Season Vegetable Gardening Small Space Gardening
Small Plastic Greenhouses Start A Small Garden
Start A Vegetable Garden Start Garden Transplants
Test The Soil First The Fall Vegetable Garden
Vegetable Garden Basics Vegetable Garden Encyclopedia

General Survival:

3 Day Emergency Preps 72 Hour Supplies
Aids To Survival All Hazard Preparedness Workbook
Becoming Self-Sufficient For Six Months BOB Survival Kit
Bow Drill Canada 11 Steps To Survival
Captain Daves Survival Guide Common Sense Guide To Being Prepared
Compact Survival Kit Desert Awareness
Desert Survival Disaster Handbook
Earthquake Tips Earthquakes
Emergency Preparedness Checklist Emergency Preparedness Manual
Emergency Supplies Checklist eqbook
Extreme Cold Prevention Guide Family Disaster Facts
Family Emergency Handbook Family Emergency Plan Template
FEMA Are You Ready FRC Preparedness Handbook
General Supplies How To Prepare For Any Disaster
How To Build A Debris Hut LA Fire Department Emergency Preparedness
Life After Doomsday Mini Urban Survival Kit
National Security Emergencies Protect Your Perimeter
Secret Hiding Places Secret Hiding Places
Signaling And Direction Finding Surviving In The City
Surviving The New world Order Tactical Ready Guide
The Complete Book Of Self Sufficiency The Modern Survival Retreat
The Survival Handbook Winter Survival In Your Car
Winter Survival You Will Survive Doomsday


Knotting Knots Basic Book Of Knots And Lashings
Encyclopedia Of Knots Essential Fishing Knots
Fishing Knots Tying How To Tie A Knot Knotting Handbook Of Knots And Splices
Handbook Of Knots Splices Knot Tying
Knots For Camping Climbing Utility Rescue Pioneering Knots And Lashings
Ropes Knots Ladders Lashings Anchorages Sea Scout Knots
Tying Farm Knots What Knot Useful Knots For Scouting And Climbing Martin Stone


Arctic-SubArctic-SurvivalB-GL-323-003-FP-001 Army-fm20-3-Camouflage-Concealment-and-Decoys
Army-fm3-06-Urban-Operations Army-fm31-70-Basic-Cold-Weather-Manual
Army-fm5-103-Survivability Army-fm5-426-Carpentry
Army-fm5-428-Concrete-and-Masonry Army-Research-Institute-Combat-Leaders-Guide
Army-stp21-1-Soldiers-Manual-of-Common-Tasks-Warrior-Skills-Level-1 Army-stp21-24-Soldiers-Manual-of-Common-Tasks-Warrior-Skills-Level-2-3-and-4
Basic Food Preparation Canada CD Notebook
Canada CD Operations Canada CD Public Information
Canadian-Military-FieldCraft CIA-Lock-Picking-Field-Operative-Training-Manual-1
CIA-Psycohological-Operations-in-Guerrilla-Wafare CIA-Simple-Sabatoge-Field-Manual-1
Civil-Disturbance-Operations Combat-Skills-of-the-Soldier-fm2175
DOD-Electromagnetic-Pulse-Protection-Manual FM_21-10
FM_21-11_First_Aid_for_Soldiers FM_21-150
FM_21-75_Combat_Skills FM_21-76_Survival_Manual
FM_3-11-4 FM_3-3-1
FM_3-4 FM_3-5
FM_3-9 FM_4-02
FM_4-25-11 FM_5-20
FM_7_NBC_Field_Handbook FM_8-284
FM_8-50_Bandaging FM_90-10-1
FM21-76_Survival Manual FM3-06_Urban_Combat
How_to_Avoid_Getting_Lost How_To_Find_Your_Way
How-to-Start-and-Train-a-Militia-Unit-PM-94-1 International-Law-Admiralty-Maritime-Are-You-Lost-at-Sea
Krav-Maga-Pressure-Points-Military-Hand-to-Hand-Combat-Guide Marine-Martial-Arts-Training
Marines-Individual-Terrorism-Survival Military_Operations_On_Urbanized_Terrain
National-Defense-Defence-Nationale Navy-Seal-Physical-Fitness-Guide
Pressure-Points-Military-Hand-to-Hand-Combat-Guide Ranger-Unit-Operations-Fm785
Ranger Rappelling-TC2124
Rifle-Marksmanship-Expanded-MCRP31a Special-Forces-Caching-Techniques-TC-3129A
survival-evasion-recovery Terrain-Analysis
Topographic-Operations Understanding_and_Surviving_Terrorism
United_States_Marine_Survival_Manual United-States-Marine-Corps-Fmfrp-12185-April-1989Mao-Guerrila-Warfare
US_Army_Aviation_Survival_Part_1 US_Army_Aviation_Survival_Part_2
US_Army_Aviation_Survival_Part_3 US_Army_Aviation_Survival_Part_4
US_Army_Corps_Of_Engineers US_Army_Dairy
US_Army_Food_Deterioration US_Army_Frame_Structures
US_Army_Fresh_Fruits_Vegetables US_Army_Mountaineering_Techniques
US_Army_Poultry US_Army_Preservation_of_Foods
US_Army_Red_Meats US_Army_Shell_Eggs
US_Army_Storage_And_Sanitation US_Army_TC_21-3
US_Army_Water_Foods US_Marine_Corps_MSVX.02.01
US-Army-Combat-Training-w-Pistols-fm-323×35 US-Army-Combatives-handtohand-combat-FM-325-150
US-Army-Map-Reading-and-Land-Navigation US-Marine-Corp-Pistol-Markmanship
US-Marine-Corps-Hand-to-Hand-Combat US-Marines-Close-Quarters-Combat-Manual-FMFM-07
USMC-Kill-or-Get-Killed USMC-MCRP-301A-Rifle-Marksmanship
USMC-summer-survival-course USMC-water-survival-course


A Complete Handbook Of Nature Cures Breaking And Entering
Bug Out Bag Bug Out Vehicle Basics
Citizens Homeland Defense Guide I Citizens Homeland Defense Guide II
Combat Guerrila Survival Skills The Bear Went Over The Mountain Combat Survival Guerrila Skills Handbook Of The Red Chinese
Cut Electric Bills Dale Pendell Pharmako Poeia
Declination Diagram Expat
Foxfire One Foxfire Two
Foxfire Three Get Out Of Dodge
Getaway-Driving-Techniques-for-Escape-and-Evasion-Ronald-George-Eriksen-II-Loompanics-Unlimited How To Be Invisible
Over A Barrel Poisonous Plants
Practical Guide To Free Energy Devices PJ-0 Silver Report Final
Straw Man Surviving The NWO
The Art And Science Of Dumpster Diving The-Journals-of-Lewis-and-Clark-by-Meriwether-Lewis

Nuclear – Biochemical:

11 Steps To Nuclear Survival CBR Nuclear War Survival British Govt
Chemical Emergencies Effects Of Nuclear War
EMP Commission 7MB EMP Executive Report
EMP Preventable EMP Threats 2010
Fallout Protection Family Fallout Shelter
FEMA CBR Nuclear War Survival FEMA Nuclear Survival
FEMA H20 Protection In Nuclear Age High Altitude EMP Assessment
Nuclear Survival Skills Nuclear Weapons Effects
Pandemic Flu Citizens Guide Radiological Defense Officers Course Manual 1974
Radiological Defense Preparedness Recovery From Nuclear Attack
SM-12f Home Fallout Shelter Social Distancing And Pandemic Readiness
Survive NBC Threat To US From EMP Attack
What If Nuclear War Is Imminent


Biodiesel Safety Black Out
Build Your Own Generator Candle Making
Choosing A Back Up Generator Coal Extenders
Emergency Power Options Foot Power
Generator Sizing WP Heat Light And Power
Home Heating In An Emergency Home Power Magazine
Homemade Windmills Living Without Electricity
Low Voltage Living Power Outage Checklist
What If The Electricity Goes Off Winter Power Failure

Self Defense:

Be Your Own Bodyguard Combat Survival And Evasion
Combat Conditioning Manual JiuJitsu Lt Col RE Hanley USMC Get Tough
Hand to Hand Combat Martial Arts Aikido Martial Arts 100 Deadliest Karate Moves Tes Gambordella
Practical Unarmed Combat by Moshe Feldenkrais Secrets Of Street Self Defence
Tactical Ready Guide


Basement Shelter Build A Fallout Shelter
Build A Shelter Family_Shelter_Series_PSD_F-61-2
Family_Shelter_Series_PSD_F-61-3 Family_Shelter_Series_PSD_F-61-4
Family_Shelter_Series_PSD_F-61-5 Family_Shelter_Series_PSD_F-61-6
Family_Shelter_Series_PSD_F-61-7 Family_Shelter_Series_PSD_F-61-8
Home Shelter Above Ground Home Shelter Outside Concrete
In Home Shelter Manual Seven Primitive Survival Shelters
Shelter Management Handbook Shelters-Shacks-Shanties-Daniel-Carter-Beard
Shelters Snow Shelters
Strengthening Exterior Doors Survival Wilderness Shelter Types
Taking Shelter


Brooks Solar Living Off Grid Cheat Solar Power
Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Getting Started In Solar
How To Make A Solar Still Solar Power
Solar Water Heater


Composting With Worms The Use Of Vermicompost Composting and Vermicomposting
Worms For Bait On Farm Vermicomposting


Build A Hand Pump CDC Drink Safe Water Flyer 508
Survival Water Purification Drinking Water Chlorination Emergency_Disinfection_of_Drinking_Water
Emergency Water Purification Getting Started
Home Made Berkey Water Filter How To Construct A Cheap Wind Machine
How To Purify Water Peak Water Report
Priming The Berkey Filter Purification Of Water On A Small Scale
Purify Water In An Emergency Rainwater Harvesting
Simple Solar Still Slow Sand Filters
Solar Photovotaics For Irrigation Water Pumping Solar Water Heater
Water FAQ Water Purification
Water Survival Course Water Treatment


1911 Notebook 1 Big Book Of Homemade Weapons
Build Your Own Classic Crossbow Choosing A Weapon
Essentials Of Archery Field Stripping The AR-15
FN High Capacity 45 Glock Versus M1911
Homeland Defense 45 Homemade Tracer Ammo
How To Build An AR-15 Hunting With A Bow And Arrow
KS Weaponary Making Your Own Desiccant Packs For Longterm Firearm Storage
Marlin 336 Selecting A Handgun
Springfield XD Review Stag Review
STG Article Stick To Your Guns
Survival Battery Survival Firearm
Survival Guns
Anarchists Cook Book

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