Pruning Overgrown Tomato

Have you ever wondered if it’s to late to prune your tomato plant watch this video on how to do it. Garden Answer YouTube Channel

Planting Zones

Plant Hardiness Zone Map: For more maps and information please visit their websites. Plant Hardiness Zone Maps and USDA – U.S. Department Of Agriculture Save Large Image: To save a larger image 1650×1275 to your […]

Planting Tomatoes with CORN COBS

Today we planted Amish Paste tomatoes and basil in the Back to Eden Garden. We used corn cobs from the Danny Corn that we planted last year. Danny shows you how to use corn cobs […]

Back To Eden Garden

I have not tried this method of gardening as of yet, but I have done some research on it and I still need to do more research to find out everything I can. Below is […]

Container Gardening

Yep it’s that time again, time to prep the garden(s) for spring planting. Now we just have to decide how and where we’re going to create that garden, some of you may not have a […]