So you’re thinking okay what kind of gear do I need for survival?
This is not only an obvious question but it’s also one that I really don’t think there is a one answer fits all kind of answer.

Depending on where your located and what you might be up against is going to be the deciding factor of what you need at the time and quite likely going to be much different then what someone else needs that lives in a different location.
For example; If you live in the deep south and you don’t plan to bug out to the far north then you likely wont need to have a minus 40° sleeping system, you’d never use it and your money would be better spent on something else. On the other hand if you live up north that minus 40° sleeping system might come in very handy.

I also want to mention that you can certainly use things you already have like hand tools, kitchen utensils, pots and pans and so on that don’t need electricity or batteries to operate or anything else that can be used when the power goes out to make life easier when things go south.

Yes I’m aware that most preppers, survivalist and bushcrafters insist you go out and buy up all cast iron and stainless pots and pans you could possibly ever need, Personally I call foul on that idea, Most items like everyday kitchen pots and pans can be used on an open fire, open fire grate, a bbq grill and portable stoves just as easy as a cast iron pot or fry pan, But you need to be careful so you don’t burn through your pots and pans. After all we’re talking about cooking dinner here not a rip roaring fire to keep the camp warm so you don’t need a big super hot fire to start with.

It is a fact the cast iron gear will last a lot longer (almost forever) and I certainly am not arguing that point at all but the quality stuff is quite expensive most places when bought new, obviously you can pick up a few here and there at a second hand store or a garage sale or yard sale or the like. So if you don’t have any of granny’s old cast iron cooking gear don’t sweat it for now, but do keep a look out for it when you are out getting your prep and survival gear. Another fact is, in a down and dirty survival situation you can cook your food without any cookware at all, a flat rock, a hand carved spit over an open fire, coals and green leaves to name a couple.

Below is a list of gear but before we get to the list (as it is) let’s talk about it for a moment first. First off anyone that’s been on their own for any length of time has a lot of whats on the list here and lists on other websites or in videos and blogs, Obviously pretty much everyone has kitchen gear already, and of course everyone has bedding and pillows, bathroom supplies, hand towels and bath towels, wash cloths and yard and gardening tools and most people have at least some kind of small tool kit or an extra drawer in the garage or the kitchen that has your basic pliers, hammer, screwdrivers, saw, tape measure and so on. Many of these items can be used for prepping or survival.

For example; You’ve decided that blanket you’ve had for a few years is getting a bit old and tired or your just tired of it and your going to buy a new one, excellent, good for you! but don’t give that old blanket away or toss it in the trash, give it a good cleaning then fold or roll it up and put it away as your survival blanket. Another place a blanket is always welcome is stashed in your car or truck for a just in case moment. Even if it’s to old and worn out to be used as a survival blanket or an unexpected over night guest that’s okay, it’s worth keeping, it can be used for other things, rolled up it would make an okay pillow for you or someone that don’t have one, it could also be cut up to make something else from it. The point is, you can prep and survive without spending a ton of money.

No your not going to stuff all this into a backpack and go on a 500 mile walk about till you find a place to make your new home or base camp.
We’ll cover bug out bags and Edc’s on other pages and articles.

Now on to the gear in no particular order.

Personal, Hygiene & Comfort:

Cold Weather Clothing Hot Weather Clothing Gloves
Watchmans Hat Dental floss Rain suit or poncho
Tooth Paste Bathing Soap Hygiene Powder
Razor Bandanas Chemical hand warmer packets
Cash Credit Card Personal Identification Papers
Sunglasses Multi-Vitamins Any Personal Medicines
Sail Needle (fix / Repair) Sewing Kit Sunscreen
Nitrile Gloves Back Pack


Water Water filter Water Bottles
Canteen Water Storage Potable Water
Portable Water Chlorine Bleach Water-purification tablets


Human Food Animal Food Extra of both
MRE’S Pre prepared food freeze dried or packaged
Proteine Powder Eating and Cooking Utensils Cooking Pots
Mess Kit Freezer bags Can Opener

Communications: – Covered On The Comms page

Cell Phone Ham Radio – 2 Meter and HF CB Radio
FMRS Radio Short Wave Radio NOAA Weather Radio
Antennas – See The Comms Pages

First Aid Kit

tape bandages Scissors
Rubbing Alcohol hydrogen peroxide iodine


MultiTool Knife – Cutting and Cooking Work knife – Carving and Working
Duct Tape Plastic Tubing Saws
Axe Hatchet Machete
Crow Bar Hammer Screwdrivers
Shovel mechanics tools


550 Paracord Bankline Leather strips

Firearms & Hunting:

Handgun Hunting Rifle Battle Rifle
Shotgun Ammo For Each Bow
Cross Bow Arrows and Bolts Wrist Rocket / Slingshot
Slingshot Ammo Snare Wire Traps


Rod & Reel Hooks Extra Fishing Line
Weights Sinkers Fillet Knife
Fish Traps YoYo’s lures
Trotline Bank Line prepped baits


Flashlight candle L.E.D. HeadLamps
Lantern Fuel Battery

Direction Devices:

Binoculars Compass Maps
GPS Device

Signal Devices:

Mirror Whistle Flares

Shelter – Sleeping:

All Season Tent Sleeping bag Space blanket
Tarp Extra Clothing Hammock
Mylar blanket

Fire Making:

Lighter matches Water Proof Matches
fire steel Magnesium Block Dryer Lint
Wood Shavings fire starter gel / packets

For Sale – Trade – Barter:

Cash Gold Silver
1/2 Pints Of Alcohol (Booze) Pints Of Alcohol (Booze) Extra Packaged Food
Cigarettes Chewing Tobacco Cigars
Lose Tobacco Rolling Papers Medical Supplies


Mechanics Tool Kit Jumper Cables Cable Ties
Extra Oil Extra Fuel Tire Repair Kit
Dust Masks Portable Camping Stove BBQ Grill
Propane Batteries Solar Charger
Pepper or Bear Spray Survival Books Survival E-Books From This Site