Alright then your ready to start prepping but how do you get started? Well that’s fairly easy, just start by doing a couple things first.
Okay now open up your favorite text editor if your using a computer or grab up a note pad and pen
(you do remember how to write, right?).
You will need to start typing or writing down all the things you need and use daily, then jot down all the things you need but don’t currently have (for what ever reason), now jot down all the extras you could really do without. This is the list everyone gets fuzzy about because not everyone is willing to do without certain things, that’s up to you and your family to figure out.

Think about the things you and / or your family use every day, Below is a table of things found in any typical household.
Much bigger list on the survival gear page.

Drinking Water Human Food Animal Food
Bleach Dish Soap toilet paper
paper towels laundry detergent Facial Tissues
Baby Wipes Freezer Bags Sandwich Bags
Trash Bags Rags Tools
Batteries Flash Light Candles
Matches Cigarette Lighter Charcoal Lighter

The listing above is no where near an all-inclusive list of items, it’s just to get you thinking about what you or your family uses daily, every household is going to be different and every individual or family will have different but similar items through out the household.

So you don’t have all this stuff on your list (s) because you can’t afford it right now, that’s okay don’t panic and throw in the towel, this is not about working harder or spending loads of cash, this is about being smart and working smarter. Here’s somethings you can easily do about the funding of your preps.

Here’s some things you can do to help with your prep financial issues:
Again not in any particular order.
Stop eating out if you do that once a week or 3 – 4 times a week.
Stop buying things like video games.
Stop driving to the store every time you think you need some little thing.
Stick to your list(s) – don’t do the see something buy something thing, it’s usually not helpful and bad for budget, the only exception in my opinion would be if it’s on another one of your lists and it’s an excellent deal, the bad news here is you’ll likely have to wait it out on something else.
Look over your list(s) several times and adjust as necessary.
Take notes of prices in different places / shops where ever.
Have a garage or yard sale.
Sell some of your old stuff you haven’t used in the last 5 years or more.
Barter / trade items with friends or family or someone else.
Research and investigate buying your most used items in bulk.
Research local re-claimed materials – usually sold very inexpensively.
Use coupons at the grocery store – some even offer double the value on coupons.
Buy items You Use on sale, instead of just buying one item on sale buy an extra or a couple extra if you can afford it.
Don’t buy items that are on sale if you don’t ever use them, you still wont use that item and you just wasted your money you could use on something else.
Again not an all-inclusive list of things you could do, but it’s a start, so figure out what will or wont work for you and your situation.

Personally I don’t recommend you go out and by a 50 pound bag of beans or a 50 pound bag of rice like a lot of prepper / survivalist videos suggest.
Yes I know I suggested buying in bulk just above, but the beans and rice thing is just not a good idea in my opinion, unless you plan on using a good portion of each for possible sale, barter or trading for other goods.

Reasons why I don’t suggest doing it:
1. Beans take a considerable amount of time and water to cook properly, first off you need to soak them over night then you cook them 3 times, each time with fresh water! that’s at least 1 gallon each time you cook them so that equals out to 3 gallons of your fresh water supply.
2. Beans can and will often cause issues with the stomach if not cooked properly. In a survival situation you don’t have the time or means to cook them correctly plus if your trying to evade the bad guys or at least not be noticed you certainly don’t want to be making noises and stinking up the trail (I’m sure you get the point here!).
3. In order to store 50 pounds of dry goods (any kind) your going to have to buy up quite a few mylar bags, quite a few Oxygen absorbers and a heat sealing unit, your also going to need enough extra buckets or some kind of bin to store all that in. So as you can clearly see this wouldn’t be the best strategy in a beginners prep budget, spend your money on better items.
4. Rice is a great filler but there’s so little nutrition in rice it’s just really not worth the hassle of storing that huge amount.
5. While rice is fairly easy to cook, it almost requires nearly as much water as beans do, you should rinse the rice till the water runs clear through your strainer (this removes that starchy pasty taste and it cooks better) besides that it don’t take long before your hungry again.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t have some of both I’m just saying that going out and buying up 50 pound bags of things like that is really not the best idea, use your prep money more wisely buying things you normally eat, now if you happen to eat a lot of beans or rice then by all means buy as much as you think you can store. Other wise you’re going to need a variety of food so you don’t burn out and just stop eating all together, this is no good! you can’t keep up the hard work if you don’t have proper nutrition, or at least some what proper nutrition.

Remember, the more you put into something the more you’ll get out of it.

I have personally done pretty much all the above at one time or another and still doing most of it.
I didn’t include any firearms, fishing or hunting supplies at this point, while a very necessary set of tools and items you can survive without them for the time being. We’ll get to that later on in some other sections. But for now lets get your house stocked and in order.

I’ve been hunting, fishing, hiking, canoeing and an all around outdoorsman since I was a child, so I already had a lot of the firearms, fishing gear and survival tools that I never really considered as part of my being prepared gear, It was just stuff I had and used on a regular basis. Of course I have added a quite a few more items over the years not to mention I’ve traded some things and I’ve sold other things.

Go to the E-Books section and see if you can find what your looking for.