I need your input to help me decide if I should bother to rebuild this website and keep moving forward or just let it die.
Regardless of which way you vote. Please tell me why in the comment section.
This is a one person operation that started out as a several person operation, but as soon as the others figured out it was going to take a little time out of their lives, they conveniently decided not to take part in the adventure. Of course that was after I created the website and paid for everything, while being a full-time caregiver for my elderly mother. Hence, the reason for using others information and content as a main staple for information right off the bat.
Needless to say, the website suffered over the last 5-6 years while being a full-time caregiver (I did it just short of 19 years). So its been a struggle from the start for me to do all the things necessary to create a good and informative website.
“Proper credit is always given to the content creators / owners”.
Note: This poll runs to the last day of this year.

This website and the information contained in it was not created with the intention of making big money, or to sell you a bunch of rubbish. It was designed for share and share alike for things that would help everyday people, on subjects like, being prepared for any kind of disaster, man-made or otherwise, how to survive a disaster, inexpensive ways to prepare and be self-reliant, emergency communications and far more than that.
Please keep in mind it’s impossible for me to visit every homestead, prepper and survival website throughout the entire web and try to figure out what’s popular or what folks want or need to see.


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