So you have your new or used tractor and either have a few implements of ground destruction or looking to buy a couple but don’t quite know what each of them do or what to do with the ones you have, perhaps you don’t know which implement to use first or which or ones are the best to use. Not everyone is going to need all of the things in the videos but you will surely need one or two just to get started.
The videos we posted below will show you different implements and how to use them with some pretty good instructions and explanations along with them.
So enjoy the videos

Before we get to the videos think Safty First! You cannot see what’s under that over grown plot or even a bare one and especially if you are in a new location and just starting out with your homestead or just general use on your new property / land, Before you start digging or sticking things in the ground or dragging implements under the ground with tractors, it’s recommended to use the Dig Safe System (or what ever it’s called) in your local area! This also includes hand tilling or digging with a shovel or the use of a post hole digger, gas powered or human powered. The service is usually free and it will not only keep you from having an unexpected disaster that could have been avoided but it will also give you a map of where things like utilities, cables and what ever else is on or around your property. But more importantly it could just save your life so Just Be Safe and use the service so you can live a long and healthy life on the new homestead.

How to – Plow a Garden, Single Bottom Plow, 3pt. Hitch:

How To Plow a Garden – Two Bottom Plow:

How to – Disc Harrow a Garden, Tractor 3pt. Hitch:

How To Use A Garden Tiller:

How To Use Your Garden Bedder:

If you would like more videos on farm implements go check out their YouTube channel.
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