Politics and Homesteading


It’s come to my attention that at least 98% of the so called homesteading, prepper and survival groups / pages on facebook and quite a few other websites as well, are 100% clueless as to how politics effects them.

If you think politics don’t have anything to do with it, You are Wrong.

Does anyone remember what they did to the farmers in the 80s?

If you don’t know this, any time government gets involved in anything it’s a complete disaster this is a proven fact.

This short article, points out things we as homesteaders, farmers, preppers and survivors need to pay attention to and know. We usually hate to talk about some of this but it’s very necessary to understand how politics effects us, maybe even more so now days then ever before.

Ask yourself this:
If politics and government doesn’t have any effect on homesteads, farms, survival and prepping.

Why has the government stockpiled so much food even during this covid stuff (supposedly to hand out)?

Why does the government only suggest we stockpile a few things? They are not so dumb as to think they can fix anything, but they sure hope we are!

How does the government figure they deserve more money in the form of permit fees and taxes for something you did and they had nothing to do with at all?
side note: I really need a job where I don’t have to do a single thing but I still get to charge everyone like I did. Just saying ya know.

I don’t recall the government (any portion there of) making any payments on my property, and they certainly haven’t provided me with fencing or a barn or two yet they figure I owe them more money for them doing nothing.

I don’t recall the government ever buying the land we call the U.S.A then re-selling it to the people, No they straight out stole the land then sold it for profit to the people. That’s how that went and still going strong today.

Why do we have to keep paying taxes on things we already own?

why do you need a permit to build that new barn on the property you already own? You’re paying for it not them.

Why do you have to pay more taxes on your property after you build that new barn? You already own the land and paid to build the barn, they didn’t.

Why do you need a permit to have a new well dug on the property you already own? Again you are paying for it, they are not.

Why does the government, local, state and federal think you need to pay them to do anything at all on your land? Because they are a greedy bunch of back stabbing cork screwing and dirty dealing jerks.

Why can government entities like B.L.M “Bureau of Land Management” and others walk in and kick you to the curb because they want what you have? See the above.

If the government, be it local, state or federal don’t like the fact:
You want to be an aquafarmer.
You want to have an aquaponics greenhouse.
You want to have a regular greenhouse.
You want to raise farm animals.
You need a new well.
You want to sell eggs.
You want to sell milk.
You want to raise a market garden and sell what you raise.
Then you are not going to be doing that period.

How it will likely go for you if you choose to do it anyway:
Bare minimum, at least a fine.
Maybe jail time.
Maybe both the above.

What they’ll do right from the get go:
Completely seize your bank account and / or assets.
Completely ruin your bank account from attorney fees, if they don’t seize it first.
Drag it out for as long as they choose to accomplish the above.
Forcibly remove you from your property. (enter BLM or other Government Agencies including the feds, sheriff or local police).
Keep charging overinflated percentage rates along with the fees you are being charged with.

So do you see how this is going to work out for you?
This can and has happened to anyone, anywhere in the U.S.A
It’s going on right now as you read this, there is some family out here in our country that is getting the shaft and losing everything they have worked for because the government can.

So how do we stop this from happening to just anyone?
We as countrymen/statesmen or as a whole if you like, can force the government to change. They are suppose to be working for us!
We as individuals can’t do a thing standing alone against the big government. Play stupid games win stupid prizes!

Don’t believe me? that’s okay I encourage everyone to:

Do some real research on your own! in other words, make the time to do as much research and find facts as you can.

Stop falling for the gimmick survival rubbish, 99% of that stuff is junk and crap at best.

Don’t believe everything you hear or read. Lots of fakery going on out here just to get you to pay someone for junk info and / or products.

Don’t take anyone’s idea and run amuck with it, not everything will work for you and / or your family. But do learn from others no doubt and make use of what others have to say if it fits the bill for you.

Pay attention to what’s been going on and still is going on right in front of you.