I think a lot of folks miss this one all to often, perhaps they think it’s not worth the effort or expense after they have their communications all set up and ready to go but a police and fire scanner can be quite useful when needing information around your area in case of an emergency, just like their titles suggest you can get local, county, state police, fire and ems departments so you can follow along with what’s happening around your area, especially when you want to or need to avoid certain areas due to an out of control fire or a riot or any reason that may help you and your family to avoid conflict, injury or worse, death. If you have a bug out location or at least a plan to bug out if things go south you can easily find all the scanner frequencies with an online search, here’s a couple to get you started. National Radio Data and Radio Reference


While the police scanner popularity may gone by the wayside for the most part, I think they still play an integral part in being prepared for many things. With todays technology you don’t necessarily have to go out and spend that $500.00 bucks on one of the new digital and trunking scanner, you can get an app for your smart phone or tablet as well. There are also quite a few websites that let you listen online for free, the one I listen to while I’m working is Broadcastify Obviously you’ll need a portable one that operates on battery if the grid goes down so you may want to think about adding one more extra pack of batteries that work in your scanner. If your scanner has the option for a usb plugin then you could likely recharge it off your solar or wind power bank.