Start Right
Guys and Gals do your firearms deals legally for your state and location where you plan on using, keeping and shooting your firearms, Do Not take someone else’s word for it! You Do Your Own Homework! and find out the real facts and laws for your state, area or location BEFORE you buy something incorrectly or not according to the laws and rules in your area.
I’m going to say it again!
You Do Your Own Homework! so you are 100% sure you are doing things legally! You also need to make sure the information you are getting and going by is correct and current, not some outdated piece of useless paper your best buddy gave you! Remember everyone reads, understands and interprets things differently!

On to the firearms
Not exactly sure what to look for or how to go about it, watch the videos below and you will get a good idea of how to get started with a small budget or a big budget.

SensiblePrepper   YouTube Page

SensiblePrepper   YouTube Page

His other channel
Sootch00   YouTube Page

Here are some other options as well.
Iraqveteran888 YouTube Page

After you’ve figure out what your budget will allow you to buy for your first or additional survival weapons you should be ready to go out to your local gun shops and shows and find what you need. As you saw in the videos there’s no need to go bust on good solid survival tools, in this case firearm(s), if your budget allows for some better quality options then by all means do that, just keep in mind there’s really no need to break the bank for a good survival tool.