What’s wrong with wind-solar?

I neither agree or disagree with what’s in this video but common sense would suggest it’s probably correct. I think it’s well worth the time for anyone especially homesteaders and preppers alike to watch this […]

Politics and Homesteading

It’s come to my attention that at least 98% of the so called homesteading, prepper and survival groups / pages on facebook and quite a few other websites as well, are 100% clueless as to […]

Your Donations

Folks keep in mind this website I designed was not with the intention of making big money and stuffing my bank account! It was and still is about sharing information on homesteading, prepping, survival and […]

Food Shortages Coming Soon

Greg talks about food shortages in the near future so give this a view and you should probably visit his YouTube channel and check out all his videos Green Gregs – YouTube Green Gregs – […]

Bug Out

My friends, I know there’s some folks out there that think okay if shtf or a wrol happens I’m headed to the mountains! Umm yeah you might want to rethink that bit of planning! You […]

Bug In

Bugging in – hunkering down – staying put in your own home is your best option rather than setting out on foot and getting lost because you have no maps, no compass and no clue […]