Update on A Long Lonely Road

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to post this at this time.
Mother passed away on Monday March 16, 2020
Rest In Peace Mom!
1929 – 2020

I was extremely sad that I could not be with her at her time of passing. The nursing home had already been locked down due to the coronavirus and the precautions they needed to take, I had also spent the afternoon of Saturday March 14, 2020 in the ER myself, My blood pressure was sky high and I had just a touch of fever for what ever reason. I discussed the situation with the head nurse of the nursing home over the phone and we decided it was best that I didn’t come to be with her even though for many many years I had always been there for what ever she needed.
I cannot tell you how difficult this decision was for me but with all things concerned I feel it was the right decision. Knowing she is no longer suffering in any way makes it a little easier.

If you or someone you know is experiencing the same thing or something similar, know that you or they are not alone and it will get better.