Updates On The Site


At bare minimum updates will be coming very slow for the first part of this new year. I need to focus on my website design business, more than I need to keep updating this website.
If you need a website of any kind feel free to visit me here at Visual Media Fx. Instead of using my time and efforts trying to bring new and updated information to this website I’ll be working on generating money for my homestead projects and posting pics and videos of some of that on this website, I’ll only be creating new posts when I feel the need or I find something I think will add value to this website.

Side Note:
If you would like to contribute to or be an article writer for this website, please use the contact form and tell me what you have in mind.
I am still considering honest link traders as well.
Thanks for coming to Home Style Survival

The 2021 Farm and Art Market openings are only a couple months away now.