Below are some YouTube channels I like. I know everyone already knows about YouTube however I would like to share the channels I find interesting, informative and useful around the homestead or any where you happen to be. So as you already know here at Home Style Survival I don’t see the need to try and reinvent the wheel, with so many people doing good videos and other info there’s really no need, I hope you find my picks helpful, as always if you know about other YouTube channels or have one of your own that you would like listed, feel free to email me with the channel address, I’ll go have a look and see where and if it fits in with the Home Style Survival site.

The channels listed are not in any particular order other then I try to put them in a category I think fits the majority of their videos.
If you find your channel or someone else’s channel listed under a certain category it’s because I thought that’s where it fit the best, Some could actually be listed in a couple of categories as they cover more than one thing, then again once you get there you’ll see for yourself.
Home Style Survival is not affiliated with any of the channels listed.

This list will probably grow and shrink over time as people come and go, so keep checking back.


Wilderness Outfitters


Growing Your Greens MHP Gardener
Mikes Backyard Nursery – YouTube Mikes Backyard Nursery – Website
Cali Kim OldAlabamaGardener – YouTube


An American Homestead – YouTube An American Homestead – Website
Appalachia’s Homestead – YouTube Appalachia’s Homestead – Website
Deep South Homestead – YouTube Deep South Homestead – Website
Off Grid with Doug and Stacy – YouTube jnull0
Green Gregs – YouTube Green Gregs – Website


Southern Prepper 1 Sensible Prepper Commsprepper
Bexar Prepper Engineer 775


The Hoss USMC Military Arms Sootch00
Full Spectrum Survival

Firearms Reviews

Iraqveteran8888 hickok45 hickok45andson

Tools Implements and Parts:

Steiner Tractor Parts – YouTube Steiner Tractor Parts – Website Everything Attachment